The lightest model in the series mounting the DOME2 cot. Highly maneuverable, and ideal for narrow roads and crowded spaces. Remove the cot from the frame in a single action, and carry it outside or use it as a doghouse at home. Approximately 2lb lighter than the models fitted with a brake, and therefore convenient when frequently folded and carried. The DOME2 M is recommended for multiple small dogs up to 15kg, and medium-sized dogs up to 33lb (e.g. Shibas, Beagles).



Fitting and removing frame
01. Fitting and removing frame

The DOME2 cot is removed from the main frame with a single action. The frame can be folded up at anywhere you go.

Shoulder strap
02. Shoulder strap

Can be carried on the shoulder with the strap. You can arrange with two straps and four attachment points. You can adjust straps and make it to hand-carry cot.

About putting on and taking off the roof
03. About putting on and taking off the roof

You can put on and take off the roof only with snap buttons and Velcro. Much easier than the former cot with zippers.

04. Frame

A highly rigid frame of 0.9in aluminum tube to support your dog. Provides a stable and pleasant ride without creaking.

About air-filled tires
05. About air-filled tires

The large, 8 inch diameter air-filled absorb vibration and shocks on toughest terrans. Manufactured by KENDA, the well-known bicycle tire manufacturer.

About folding the frame
06. About folding the frame

The frame can be folded simply by pulling on the left and right levers. Folds down to a compact thickness of 12 in (DOME Series), and easily loaded into the car, or kept in the entrance in the house.

  • When using frame : 23 in (width) x 38 in (depth) x 39 in (height)
  • With frame folded : 23 in (width) x 12 in (depth) x 32 in (height)
  • Cot : 13.5 in (width) x 27 in (depth) x 20.5 in (height)
  • Cot interior : 13 in(width) x 22 in (depth) x 18 in (height)
  • Frame : 14lb(6.6kg) (with accessories other than cot, cot strap, and adapter fitted)
  • Cot : 9lb(4.1kg) (2 straps not included)
  • Maximum load : 33lb(15.0kg)
FOR THESE PET Shibas, Corgis, French Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels etc.
  • Frame : Aluminum and plastic
  • Cot : Outer material – 100% polyester, interior – PE base board
SET Main frame, cot (DOME2 M), dome mounting adapter, basket, drink holder x 2, wrist strap, air pump, shoulder belt x 2, user’s manual