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Responding the needs of our users, we would like to introduce DOME2 ISOFIX BELT made especially for the DOME2 cot carrier. With DOME2 ISOFIX BELT, The DOME2 cot carrier can attach/detach very easily and be safely secured to your vehicle. Secure the belt directly to the ISOFIX anchor installed under the car seat, then connect the DOME2 Cot carrier’s shoulder belts. It is fully secured and safe even when you need to slam on the brakes or make a sudden turn. The leather seat part is embossed with our special AIRBUGGY logo.



How to Attach 1
01. How to Attach 1

Place the ISOFIX belt with the AirBuggy logo side facing up onto the top of the seat on vehicles equipped with ISOFIX(child seat installation equipment).
Take the hooks on both sides on the deep end of the belt of the seat, hooking it to the ISOFIX in the gap between the seat and the backrest. Place the DOME2 Cot on top of the belt laid out on the seat face.

How to Attach 2
02. How to Attach 2

Raise the headrest of the seat, hang the ISOFIX belt associated shoulder belt on the headrest in a dangling fashion.

How to Attach 3
03. How to Attach 3

Fasten the shoulder belt tightly to the triangular metal fittings while adjusting its length.
And then, attach the ISOFIX belt hook laid out on the seat face to the triangular metal fittings. Secure by tightening the Cot, and you are finished if you are able to adjust the length of the belt with the buckle.

Size 32.0 cm (width) x 1.5 cm (depth) x 59.0 cm (height)
Weight : 280g
Materials Aluminum pipe / Nylon belt / Buckle: Steel material / PU synthesis