To all our AirBuggy customers
we guarantee our after-care warranty

Please complete User Registration

Before using the stroller, ensure that you register your user information with the registration card/postcard provided. The warranty is associated with the registered user only.

How to register

Please select a registration method from the three methods below.
For details regarding registration methods, please see the Instruction Manual or User Registration Set (included with the product).

アイコン パソコンから

1How to register with your PC

From the GMP Online Registration page, please register your customer information and license number (included with the product).

アイコン モバイルから

2How to register with your Smartphone

Access the registration site using the QR code on the license sticker (included with the product) and register your customer information.

アイコン ハガキから

3How to register with the postal card

How to register with the postal card Fill out the required information on the registration card, apply the license seal provided, and send it by mail. We will register you with the information you provided.
*You will not receive any notification of completion with the registration by the postal card.

Mailing Address:

GMP International Co., Ltd.
TI Building 1-18-5 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 151-0063

The purpose of User Registration is to provide the necessary customer and product information for appropriate after-sales service. With regard to personal information provided to us by customers, we do our utmost to protect customer privacy under our strict personal information management system. In addition, customer information is not used for providing or soliciting sales information without the customer’s permission.

Repair consultations and inquiries

Our baby stroller repairs are conducted at our maintenance center specializing in repairs.

In September 2010, our company overhauled our repair system, establishing a general maintenance center. In order to provide after-sales services more efficiently, the company’s Support Desk was made the window for all customer requests for repairs. If you wish to request repairs for AirBuggy products, please apply using the following procedures.

AirBuggy Support Desk

Please telephone our company’s Support Desk.


Business Hours: Weekdays 10:00 – 17:00

Contact us via Email

Please contact through the Contact Form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

For product FAQs, please refer to the section below.

For detailed information on how to use your AirBuggy, please click here.

Warranty repair process


Call our AirBuggy Support Desk, or consult with us about repairs through the Contact Form.

Please prepare the following items

  • ・Product name
  • ・Store where purchased
  • ・Serial No.
  • ・Part needing repair
  • ・Date of purchase

Support desk staff will check the details of the fault or defect in the product first, and guide you to the company maintenance center if needed.


Send the product to the maintenance center.


You will be notified by the staff after repairs have been completed and the repaired product will be returned to you.

Only cash on delivery is accepted for payment to ensure a fast response to repairs.
Note: Customers can contact us only by phone calls to ensure clarity and to prevent misunderstandings.
Note: Requests for repairs to cooperating retailers and direct AirBuggy stores are generally not accepted.
Note: Requests for repair without prior notification are generally not accepted.
Please note that items may be returned without being accepted in some cases.

Product warranty

We only provide after-service under the warranty system for our products purchased at authorized retailers.

Applicable conditions

This warranty only applies to :

  • (1) The original purchaser of the products at our authorized retailers.
  • (2) Customer’s information is registered with the user registration to products which is registered with the user registration card in the package.

* Check here for details of the user registration.

Warranty details

GMP International Ltd.(AirBuggy) warrants any manufacuturing deficts or faluts and deficts occured in regular use of products during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge.

  • (1) Frame – 2 years from the original purchase date
  • (2) Cot – 1 year from the original purchase date
  • (3) Tires, cot – 1 year from the original purchase date

* Except for initial defects, shipping charges for products sent to us by the customer is generally the customer’s responsibility.

Limitation of remedies under the warranty

Repairs will be charged within the period of the warranty with following cases.
The warranty does not cover :

  • (1) The product has not been registered. The product has not been purchased by authorized retailers.
  • (2) When the product is purchased as a secondhand at a recycling shop, or from personal trading.
  • (3) Derfects resulting from misuse, including any use not in accordance with the writing by AirBuggy user’s manual.
  • (4) In the event of wear such as scratches, tears, fraying, discoloration, or fading due to aging degradation.
  • (5) In the event of damage, faults, or defects resulting from a lack of caution.
  • (6) In the event of damage, faults, or defects resulting by natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire, or water damage.
  • (7) Normal wear and tear of tires (inner tubes and outer tires)

Initial defects

Replacement will be provided after we receive notification of any manufacturing deficts found within one month from the date of orginal purchase. Postage in this event is our responsibility.

Replacement and returns

We do not replace or refund products once they are removed from the packaging and used. However, provided notification within two weeks from the orginal date of purchase for a product still in the packaging and unused, it will be replaced or refunded. Note that postage in this event is the customer’s responsibility. * See the user’s manual for further details of the conditions of the warranty.


For safety use

AirBuggy for Pet has received the same international EN 1888 safety standard (authorized by the German test service provider TÜV) as our baby strollers. This product was developed with our hope for you to have more quality time and fulfilling moments with your pet with safety. However, even if your dog is a trustworthy partner, there is still a chance that it may suddenly bark and behave unpredictably. Be aware that your dog is subject to danger from even the safest of products in such situations. Also note that your dog is a living being like ourselves, and thus may sometimes be out of the balance between the physical and psychological conditions. Only you can protect your dog from the danger.


The following cautions should be followed when using this product at any time.

Cautions associated with the cot
  • (1) Close the zipper to ensure that your dog does not lean out of the cot while riding.
  • (2) Use a harness on your dog while using the stroller. Adjust the length of the lead so that it cannot lean out from the cot, and so that dog and stroller are always firmly tied together.
  • (3) Please keep your eyes on your dog while using the stroller or the cot.
  • (4) Always keep your eyes on the condition of your dog in the cot while outside. Do not leave your dog in the cot for long periods of time.
  • (5) Take an extra care to watch out for your dog when using the stroller under the extreme conditions of summer or winter.
  • (6) Avoid leaving your dog in the car with the cot for long periods of time during the high temperatures of summer. The cot may deform under such conditions.
  • (7) Use a cot suits to the weight and physique of your dog.
Cautions for your stroller
  • (1) Always hold the grip of the stroller with both hands while in use.
  • (2) Always apply the foot brake if you want to stop the stroller.
  • (3) Do not stop the stroller on slopes, in bumpy areas, on rough roads, or on wet roads and etc.
  • (4) Do not hang heavy items such as bags or those items on the grip.
  • (5) The basket is for the baggage. Do not use it for a dog or other pets.
  • (6) It is extremely dangerous to carry the stroller up or down stairs with your dog inside. This is to be avoided at all costs.
  • (7) Avoid using escalators. Take a detour, or use the elevator.
Cautions for use (consideration for others)
  • (1) Please be aware and give cares to other passengers in public transportations while you are with your pet and stroller.
  • (2) Do not use the stroller in quiet places such as movie theaters and libraries.
  • (3) For the purposes of sanitation, do not take your pet into areas such as hospitals and fresh produce areas where pets are strictly prohibited.
  • (4) Always take dog feces home with you. Do not dispose them in public trash bins.